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Edinburgh academic wins prize for research on labour politics in Europe



Philip Rathgeb receiving the Kurt Rothschild Prize


Dr Philip Rathgeb of the School of Social and Political Science (SPS) has been awarded the Kurt Rothschild Prize for Economic Research and Journalism, for his work on labour politics in the EU, from the Euro crisis to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Kurt Rothschild Prize for Economic Research and Journalism, from the Renner Institute and the SPÖ Parliamentary Club, recognises contributions to the economic and social sciences, which propose new approaches to major challenges of our time beyond standard and mainstream economic theory.

Research on labour politics between the Euro crisis and Covid-19

SPS’ Dr Philip Rathgeb and Dr Arianna Tassinari (MPI Cologne) were awarded the prize for their research project, ‘Labour Politics between the Euro Crisis and Covid-19 Pandemic’.

The research examines the impact of the European economic and monetary union (EMU) on domestic labour market reforms and the role of trade unions in this process.

It found that the Eurozone’s new economic governance weakened labour representation across the North-South divide, while failing to produce stable economic growth.

Dr Philip Rathgeb said: “The work by Kurt W. Rothschild has been a major source of inspiration, so this is really a great honour. Our motivation was to address the sources of inequality and precarity in an integrated European labour market. We therefore hope our insights about how economic integration links the fortunes of working people across national borders can create opportunities for pan-European solidarity, as opposed to the nationalist competition that prevailed during the neoliberal management of the Euro crisis.”

Relevant and open research

The chairman of the jury, Jakob Kapeller, professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen, said of the selection criteria for the awarding of prizes: "In addition to the scientific quality standards, we ensure that research is practically relevant and open. The aim of the award is not only to name different points of view, but also to demand them.”

More about the prize

The Kurt Rothschild Prize for Economic Research and Journalism commemorates the achievements of the Austrian economist, who left a lasting mark on science, politics and society in Austria. It recognises research that sets itself apart from the mainstream of orthodox economics.

Watch the awards ceremony

The prize winners were announced at an awards ceremony on 9 December, which was streamed live on Youtube, with some speakers and prize winners appearing in-person at the ceremony and some via video call.

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