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Social Policy expert launches collaborative feminist theory project aimed at influencing UK policy



Steve Johnson image from Unsplash


Sociologist Dr Rebecca Hewer has launched a new research project, The Feminist Policy Project (FPP), and it now has a page on the School website’s Research section. The FPP is a collaborative venture that encourages contributors to critically evaluate and creatively rewrite a range of UK social policies.

The Feminist Policy Project seeks to create a network of academic and non-academic collaborators to use feminist theory, scholarship and insight to ‘critically engage and rewrite central and devolved government policy’.

The FPP will focus on ostensibly gendered policies (e.g. sexual violence and parental leave) as well as policies that do not appear to have immediate gendered implications (e.g. travel and infrastructure.)

The project is inspired by the Scottish Feminist Judgements Project, which researches whether the outcome of important legal cases would have been decided differently if judges applied a feminist perspective.

Rebecca hopes to see the FPP’s conceptual framework inspire a range of policy projects across a range of jurisdictions and institutions.

For more information about this project, please contact or follow @fempolicyproj on Twitter.