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Dr Rebecca Hewer

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Chancellor's Fellow

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Chrystal MacMillan Building

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15a George Square

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Research interests

Recent Publications 

Hewer, R. M. (2021). Sex-Work, Prostitution and Policy: A Feminist Discourse Analysis (1st ed. 2021 edition). Palgrave Macmillan.

Cowan, S. Giles, HJ. Hewer, R. Kaufman, B. Kenny, M. Morris, S. & Nicoll-Baines, K. (2020) Sex and Gender Equality: a response to Murray and Hunter Blackburn. Scottish Affairs (Online First)

Cowan, S., & Hewer, R. (2020). Vulnerability, Victimhood and Sex Offences. In C. Ashford & A. Maine (Eds.), Research Handbook on Gender, Sexuality and the Law. Edward Elgar.

Hewer, R. (2019) Vulnerability and the Consenting Subject: Reimagining Informed Consent in Embryo Donation Feminist Legal Studies 27(3):287-310

Hewer, R. Smith, K. & Fergie, G. (2019). The Social Functionality of Humour in Group-Based Research, Qualitative Health Research, 29(3):431-444 (Online First 2018)

Hewer, R. (2019). A Gossamer Consensus: Discourses of Vulnerability in the Westminster Prostitution Policy Subsystem, Social and Legal Studies 28(2): 227-249 (Online First 2018)


Rebecca holds a PhD in Social Policy from the University of Edinburgh and is a qualified (non-practicing) barrister in the jurisdiction of England and Wales. Her work to date has explored the socio-legal regulation of women's bodies.  

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Semester 1: My office hours are between 11am and 3pm Mondays, term time. 

Semester 2: My office hours are between 9am and 1pm Thursdays, term time.  

Please email me to schedule a meeting.