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Medical Translation in the History of Modern Genomics (TRANSGENE) is a research project that explores the development of genomic science across three different species: the baker and brewer’s yeast (S. cerevisiae), the pig (Sus scrofa) and Homo sapiens. Supported by the European Research Council, it maps different ways of organising the practices of DNA sequencing over time.

The compilation and analysis of our data has involved a team of nine people and the combination of the submission records with other historical evidence, namely archival materials and interviews with scientists and administrators. With this qualitative and quantitative information, we aim to historicise genomics in ways that include non-human species and are chronologically comprehensive: from the yeast genome sequencing proposals of the 1980s to the completion of the whole-genome sequence of the pig in 2012. 

Visit the TRANSENE website for more information.

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