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Dongwei Wang

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PhD Student

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Chrystal Macmillan Building

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15a George Square

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Research interests

Research interests

  • transnational migration and mobilities
  • nations and nationalism
  • overseas Chinese studies


I am a doctoral student and programme representative in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh. Before starting my PhD, I completed a MSc by Research in Social and Political Science in 2021 and a undergraduate exchange programme in Sociology at the University of Glasgow in 2020. My current PhD research aims to unveil the complexities of overseas Chinese identity and develop an understanding of the meaning of Chineseness in the UK. Apart from my study in Edinburgh, I co-convene the Cambridge Chinese Migration Studies Group (CCMSG) based at the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement, University of Cambridge. More details about the CCMSG and our events can be found on here.

Tutoring and Teaching Experience 

2022/23 Qualitative Data Research (REDU11028), Session 3: Doing Interview, Guest Speaker. 

Journal Article 

Lin, S., Wang, D., Yin, M. (2022). Migration Experience as Cultural Capital: A Case Study of Returnees’ Qiao Jia Le Businesses in Wenzhou. Journal of Overseas Chinese History Studies, 2022(04), pp. 49-57.

Lin, S., Wang, D. (2019). Constructing a Support System for Abandoned Children in Qiaoxiang from the Perspective of Social Ecosystem Theory: A Case Study of J Town in Fuqing. Journal of Overseas Chinese History Studies, 2019(02), pp. 68-74.

Conference Paper

Wang, D. (2022). Reconstructing Identity in the Transnational Association and Support of Skilled Chinese Immigrants. (30th Anniversary Conference of the founding of the International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas, San Francisco)

Wang, D. (2022). On the Way Home: Overseas Chinese Students Negotiate with Returning Policies and Navigate Mobility in the Pandemic Era. (Cambridge Chinese Migration Studies Seminar, University of Cambridge)

Lin, S., Wang, D. (2022). The Circulation of Remittances and Ethnic Transnationalism: Low-skilled Chinese Entrepreneurs in Angola. (Workshop on Chinese Human Mobility, Migration, and Diaspora, Pembroke College, University of Cambridge)

Wang, D. (2021). Unveiling the Visibility of Vulnerability in Chinese International Students Negotiating Racism in the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic. (New Direction Sociology Conference 2021, School of Social and Political Science, the University of Edinburgh)

Wang, D. (2019). Taking out Loans for Going Abroad: The influence of globalisation on transnational entrepreneurs in Qiaoxiang. (Annual Conference of Sociology 2019, Fujian, China, with the Second Prize of the Best Presentation Award)

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