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Lecturer in Social Policy and Qualitative Research Methods

Emma Davidson

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Centre for Research on Families and Relationships

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Roles and responsibility

I am a Lecturer in Social Policy and Qualitative Research and member of the Research Training Centre (RTC) within the School of Social and Political Sciences. I am a Co-Director at the Binks Hub, a new research hub for co-creating research for community benefit. I am course organiser for the PG course Data Collection, and for the UG course Social Inequalities through the Lifecourse. I am also a co-director at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, and co-editor of the journal Scottish Affairs.

Research interests

My research is concerned with the relationship between macro socio-economic structures and the subjective, micro-personal. I typically draw on qualitative methods that help understand people and their lives from their own vantage points and have a particular interest in young people's everyday lives, their transitions into adulthood and the social infrastructures that support community belonging, trust and tolerance. Areas of research include civil society and community; educational engagement; relationships and significant others and Adverse Childhood Experiences. Most recently, I have been leading research funded by the Leverhulme Trust on the everyday social world of the public library and the challenges faced under austerity. I curate and write two blogs and have published my work in high quality journals, including Social Policy & Society, Social Inclusion, Sociological Research Online and Quality and Quantity.

 I am especially interested in participatory and collaborative methods, and their potential for making meaningful policy impact. With Autumn Roesch-Marsh and Fiona Cuthill, I am co-director of the Binks Hub which is delivering a programe of new co-creative community research at Edinburgh. The Hub will also support a network of community members, academics and policy makers to share, develop and promote co-creative research for community benefit. 

I also have a special interest in ‘big qual’ data, and have led innovations in this field through National Centre for Research Methods programme: As well as co-convening PG core methods training, I have revised, designed and delivered over a dozen workshops on secondary qualitative data analysis, qualitative longitudinal research, ‘big qual’ data, collaborative and participatory methods, and ethics in qualitative research. 

Academic career 

I joined Social Policy and the Research Training Centre in September 2021. Prior to my doctoral research I worked in the private sector as a social researcher in housing studies, before moving to Heriot Watt University as a Research Fellow. I moved to the University of Edinburgh to undertake my ESRC CASE studentship with The Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland which I completed in 2013. An ethnographic study, it used creative participatory methods to explore young people's experiences of antisocial behaviour in a social housing estate in Scotland. After a period of maternity leave, I worked as postdoctoral researcher, before gaining a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship in Sociology. I have worked as a detached youth worker and as a housing consultant, both experiences which have helped to inform my current research. 


In press

Davidson, E. and McMellon, C. (in press) ‘A balanced approach to ethics in ethnography’ in Grace Spencer (eds), Ethics and Integrity in Research with Children and Young People, Emerald Publishing.

Edwards, R., Weller, S., Davidson, E & Jamieson, L. (in press) 'Small stories of home moves: a gendered and generational breadth-and-depth investigation,, Sociological Research Online. 

Davidson, E. and Cooper, T. (in press) ‘The Bookbug Programme: Booksharing as a tool for mediating children’s reading in Scotland’ in Mediating Children’s Reading, Anne Marie Hagen (eds), University of Lehigh Press.


Davidson, E., Nugent, B & Johnsen, S. (2021) 'The Rough Journey Home: The contribution of qualitative longitudinal research to understandings of homelessness in austerity', Social Policy and Society.


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Earlier work 

Davidson E. (2013) ‘Between Edges and Margins: Exploring ‘Ordinary’ Young People’s Experiences of the Everyday Antisocial’, Sociological Research Online, 18(1):222-232.

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Consultancy and other research

Davidson, E., McMellon, C., Airey, L., Berry, H. and Morton, S. (2018) 'Evaluating the impact of Bookbug Bags and Sessions in Scotland', Scottish Book Trust.

McMellon, C & Davidson, E. (2016) 'Evaluation of Move-on’s Peer Mentoring Service', Move-on

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Media and blogging 

Jamieson, L., Davidson, E., Weller, S. and Edwards, R. (2020) COVID-19 and Big Qual,

“I’ve seen firsthand what we lose if we don’t invest in libraries”, Big Issue (blog and prinnt), 12 February 2020

The Cards You’re Dealt: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience and Youth Policy in Scotland’, The Social Policy Blog, 17 June 2019 – with Dr Eric Carlin

Computational text analysis using R in Big Qual data: lessons from a feasibility study looking at care and intimacy’, Big Qual Analysis Resource Hub, 21 March 2019 – with Justin Chun-ting Ho and Prof Lynn Jamieson

'Resilience - continuing the conversation’, CRFR Blog, Dec 2017 – with Dr Eric Carlin  

Evaluating the Bookbug programme in Scotland’, 14 December 2017, CRFR blog

Davidson, E. (2017) Evaluating the Bookbug programme in Scotland, Centre for Research on Families and Relationship Blog, Dec 2017.

Davidson, E. (2014) Children, young people and the everyday, Centre for Research on Families and Relationship Blog, July 2014.

Davidson, E. (2014) ‘Young people, poverty and the everyday’, Children in Scotland Magazine, Oct 2014.

Research interests

Research interests

Topics interested in supervising

I can act as a supervisor or in an informal mentoring role on projects concerning community life and everyday social interactions; civic society; youth transitions, class and inequality; youth work; public libraries; as well as students with interests in particular methodologies, including qualitative policy evaluation; qualitative data analysis; secondary qualitative data; and longitudinal qualitative methods.

Current students

Joshua Anderson-Rose Youth in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi: Young people’s views of waiting in a liminal place and liminal life stage

Madison Bunker - We’re going through changes: Investigating how critical transitions in children’s lives affect children’s social and emotional development from the early years onwards (working title)

Emily Kenway -  Vulnerability and exploitation in contemporary Britain (working title)

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