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Research interests

Uganda, Congo, Great Lakes Region, Borders, Bordering, Borderlands, Borderscapes, Border Aesthetics, Imperialism, Colonialism, History of Borderlands, Human Geography, Political Geography, Historical Geography, Visual Methods, Critical Cartography, Anthropology, Ethnography.


PhD title: 'Marking the Confines of Empire: the Historical Geographies of the Uganda-Congo Boundary, 1885-1915'

My research project focuses on the historical geographies of Uganda-Congo boundary between the late imperial and early colonial eras. In the aftermath of the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, the Agreement signed in 1894 by Great Britain and King Leopold II divided the Anglo-Belgian spheres of influence in the Uganda Protectorate and Congo Free State along the 30th meridian East of Greenwich up to its intersection with the Nile-Congo watershed. Yet, when demarcation was completed in 1915, its shape had radically changed – now running along the Semliki River, through the Rwenzori massif and into Lake Edward, finally reaching Mount Sabinio after a snaky traverse of Ruzumburu. Looking across different geographical scales and focusing on the broad constellations of actors, practices and discourses surrounding the boundary-making process, the project investigates the hidden socio-spatial entanglements and forgotten histories underpinning the delimitation of the Uganda-Congo border between 1885 and 1915.


Dr. Sam Spiegel, Dr. Kevin Donovan


2019-present: PhD in African Studies, The University of Edinburgh

2017-2018: Master of Science in African Studies, The University of Edinburgh (Distinction)

2015-2017: Laurea Magistrale in International Relations, University of Bologna (110/110 cum laude)

2011-2015: Laurea Triennale in International and Diplomatic Sciences, University of Bologna (110/110)

Academic publications

Moze, F., & Spiegel, S.J. (2022) The aesthetic turn in border studies: Visual geographies of power, contestation and subversion. Geography Compass, 14(04). DOI: 10.1111/gec3.12618

Research and teaching experience

2022: Course tutor in "International Development, Aid and Humanitarianism", The University of Edinburgh (Undergraduate, Semester 1)

2021-present: Co-research assistant, Principal's Teaching Award Scheme project “Exploring Online Learning as an Avenue for Equity and Decolonial Praxis amid the COVID Crisis: Re-Imagining Africa-UK Connections and International Development Curricula” (Principal Investigator: Dr. Sam Spiegel)

2021: Course tutor and guest lecturer in “Displacement and Development”, The University of Edinburgh (Postgraduate, Online Distance Learning, Semester 2)

2021: Course tutor in “Comparative Politics in a Globalized World”, The University of Edinburgh (Undergraduate, Semester 2)


Italian Ethnological Mission in Equatorial Africa

African Politics Research Group