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Turnitin and plagiarism


Turnitin and plagiarism

As a PhD student, the work you produce in the early stage of your programme (1st Year Board Report) and in the latter stage (thesis submission) will be reviewed via the Turnitin Similarity Report.

This is to check for any issues that might impact on progression or any inadvertent plagiarism which can then be addressed.

From September 2019, Turnitin is in place for supervisors of PG research students to check for these issues. These checks are made on your:

  • 1st Year Board Report (mandatory)
  • Thesis Submission (mandatory)
  • Ad hoc Documents (optional) - this may include chapter submissions or 2nd Year Annual Reviews

Your supervisor will submit your work to the Turnitin system and discuss any significant similarity issues with you should they arise. Your work will not be stored in the Turnitin repository.

Turnitin timings:

  • 1st Year Board Report - submit to Turnitin with enough time to have potential problems addressed before the Board meeting takes place
  • Thesis submission - submit to Turnitin with enough time to have potential problems addressed before you submit your thesis for examination

How to avoid plagiarism

Please review the guidance on avoiding plagiarism. You should also ensure you have read the guidance on proofreading, and academic misconduct.

The College has also produced a document of their academic expectations which you are advised to review.

It is important you understand what plagiarism (and self-plagiarism) covers so you can avoid it and the penalties that may follow.

If you have any queries, you should discuss these with your supervisors.

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