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Dr Hannabeth Franchino-Olsen

Job Title

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research interests

Research interests

Gender-based violence; Violence against children, adolescents, and young adults; Minor sex trafficking or minor sex exchange; Poly-victimization; Maternal health; Child health; Family health; Health education


Hannabeth is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently working with Dr. Franziska Meinck on the study “Interrupting the intergenerational transmission of violence: a mixed-methods longitudinal study” in South Africa. This study focuses on issues of gender-based violence, child abuse, and intergeneration violence transmission across three family generations.

Prior to joining the project in Edinburgh, Hannabeth completed her PhD in the department of Maternal and Child Health at Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). Her doctoral research and dissertation focused on minor sex trafficking in the United States. While at UNC, she was a pre-doctoral fellow at the Carolina Population Center (2017–2021). Her collaborative work at UNC included researching the risk factors and interpersonal violence correlates linked to minor sex trafficking; the development of a secondary educational curriculum focused on minor sex trafficking awareness and prevention; gender-based violence in the United States and Botswana; and concussion research among adolescent football players. She also holds an MPH in Maternal and Child Health (UNC, 2017), an MS in Physiology and Developmental Biology (2011), and a BS in Biology (2010).

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