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Maryam AlHajri

Job Title

PhD Student


PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh. My research interests include the formation of post-colonial states and theories of political sociology, marginality and subalternity, particularly in the context of the Arab Gulf States.

I am currently working on a PhD thesis concerned with the systematic marginalisation and erasure of histories of different socio-political actors in Qatar, focusing on a period that has been neglected in both the colonial and official state narratives – the 1950s and 60s – which has witnessed anti-colonial, social, labour and nationalist movements. I explore how the tight historical monopoly of the colonial and post-independence nationalists manifested in their control over the narrative production and dissemination modes during this period, which will disclose  how the erasure and remaking of the historical narratives shaped and reshaped the country’s discursive and material history. My project utilises archival methods and oral history, to systematically understand how marginalised groups are silenced in official historiographies.

I earned my MA in Political Science and International Relations from the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (2019) where I am currently working as a researcher and teaching assistant, and my BA degree in International Relations from Qatar University (2017).

Research interests

Research interests

Historical sociology, processes of marginalisation, sociological theory, social change, narrative & auto/biographical methodologies, Arab Gulf States, post-colonial states and societies.

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