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Annual Progression Reviews


Monitoring your progress

Supervisors are responsible for monitoring your progress and reporting annually to the Graduate School Office and the College Postgraduate Office. This progress is monitored via the Annual Progression Review.

From 2016 the annual review system for PhD students is an online form within your student record (accessible via MyEd).

You can find more information available on this system here:

More detailed information on the annual review process is available in the Code of Practice for Supervisors and Research Students, section 3.2 (PDF).

Important: please visit the PGR FAQs webpage for any Covid-19 contingencies related to annual reviews.

End of First Year Review Board

While a review has to be held and progress has to be confirmed in each year of study, the first year review differs slightly in that you need to undertake a End of First Year Review Board to confirm registration for the PhD (the first year is probationary).

While there isn't requirement for a formal review board with external assessor(s) in any subsequent year of study, the review should consist of a dedicated meeting between you and your supervision team, and progress to the next year of study must be confirmed.

You and your supervisor(s) must also complete the annual review form.

More information

Specific information on the End of First Year Review Board is available here:

Annual Review outcomes and recommendations

The outcomes of annual reviews are outlined in the Postgraduate Assessment Regulations for Research Degrees and the Code of Practice for Supervisors and Research Students (PDF).

What is the outcome?

The outcome is the recommendation that the supervisors make after each annual review (not just the first year review).

This recommendation is confirmed by the Postgraduate Advisor or Graduate School Deputy Director and passed to the College Postgraduate Office.

The College are formally responsible for making the progression decision.

Postgraduate Assessment Regulations

Below is an extract from the Postgraduate Assessment Regulations for Research Degrees document.

Postgraduate Assessment Regulations for Research Degrees

Regulation 14 | Annual progression review recommendation

(a) confirmation of registration, for example for PhD, MPhil

(b) a repeat progression review must be undertaken within three months before confirmation of progression

(c) for part-time students only for the first progression review: deferment of the confirmation decision to the second annual review

(d) registration for a different research degree such as MPhil or MSc by Research

(e) registration for a postgraduate taught degree (for example MSc) or diploma can be recommended if the student has undertaken the coursework for that qualification

(f) exclusion from study

Recommendation 14(b)

If the outcome of the annual review is 14(b) then the three month period starts from the date of issue of your progression decision.

The outcomes of a repeat are the same as for the initial review, with the exception of 14(b) - only one repeat review may be undertaken.

Recommendations 14(d), (e) and (f)

If there are doubts about your ability to complete a PhD successfully then your supervisor must consider option (d).

If there are serious doubts as to your research capability, then your supervisor must consider options (e) or (f).

Contact us

Any queries regarding your Annual Review recommendations and outcomes should be directed to the Postgraduate Advisor, Graduate School Director/Deputy Director (research), or the PG Research team in the Graduate School Office.

Email the Graduate School Office Research team