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Teaching excellence

Tutors are essential to the delivery of high-quality teaching in the School of Social and Political Science (SPS).

We aim to guide you away from passive absorption (or non-absorption) of lecture material, towards a more active self-education.

We want to encourage you to read widely and investigatively, to observe your environment carefully and in new ways.

We want to develop your confidence to think and argue for yourself about what you find in books or in the world around you.

We want you to value and be engaged in the particular subject material you are studying in social and political science.

Tutors play a crucial role in realising these goals.

Guidance and training

SPS tutor training

Tutors will attend the SPS Tutor Training, which will take place via Learn.

Full information will be provided to tutors taking the training.

GDPR training

To comply with updates to the General Data Protection Regulation, 2018 (GDPR), all staff who handle personal data must complete our two online training courses:

  • Information Security Essentials
  • Data Protection Training

These are Learn self-enrol courses. Guidance on how to access these courses can be found in our Compulsory Training for GDPR document:

Compulsory Training For GDPR

Institute for Academic Development (IAD)

IAD deliver a number of training workshops. Please note that attending these is voluntary, and will not be paid.

For tutors we recommend: Effective Tutoring Introduction and Enhancing Tutorials

The Institute for Academic Development also provides support materials and courses for tutors and demonstrators, which you are encouraged to take advantage of.

IAD Learn resources (Learn self-enroll course)

Recording student attendance

Attendance Monitoring

Attendance is monitored by the School as part of our more general monitoring of student progress.

Keeping attendance helps alert staff to any additional pastoral or academic support needs students might require. Staff can then provide advice, guidance or support in a timely and useful manner.

Attendance must be taken at all small teaching events (tutorials or seminars). If a class has less than 51 students and has no tutorial or seminars, attendance must be taken at the lecture.  

Attendance is taken using the Student Engagement Monitoring System created by Student Systems (more details of the system are below).

The course secretary will create and upload course registers at the end of teaching week 2. Please note that until this has been completed you will not be able to view any of your group information.

Course changes

Students can still transfer in and out of their courses and tutorials in Week 2 so there may be some changes to your tutorial groups.

When your course secretary has uploaded your register information you can access these by following the guidance below.

Courses with in-person or online-live tutorials

Tutors must take attendance in all of their tutorial groups.

This is done using the online EUCLID system. Guidance on how to access this system, take attendance as well as video demonstrations can be found in the recording attendance step-by-step guide.

Note for New Tutors

If you are a new tutor and have not tutored for SPS before, it may take us a few weeks to get your UUN into the system that allows you to access the online attendance monitoring system.

Please use the paper template for taking attendance and make sure you input this information into the online system as soon as you are able. Paper templates can be found below.

Template Attendance Register (Word doc)

Template Attendance Register (PDF)

Please keep checking regularly to see if you have access to the online system. 

If you do not have access by week 3, please contact


Accessing your registers

General points
  • you must use your staff account to log into your staff EASE account
  • you must ensure your browser (Firefox preferred) settings allow for pop-ups
  • the first time you login to your Staff MyEd please follow the guidance on the Student Systems webpages
  • all attendance must be electronically entered into the EUCLID system within 24 hours of the teaching activity taking place

Access the attendance register

  • Login via MyEd using your STAFF login details. (See Teaching tab and select Student Attendance Recording)

User guides

How to claim payment for tutoring and marking

Guidance documents

These documents currently reflect the 2020-21 academic session. There will be minor changes and updates for the 2021-22 academic session. 

How will I be paid?

Tutors must submit their hours monthly throughout eTime. Tutors are responsible for submitting their electronic timesheets on time. 

When will I be paid?

You will be paid monthly retrospectively by direct transfer to your bank or building society account.

Hours worked in October, for example, will be paid in November, and so on.

Payments are made on the 28th of the month unless this falls on the weekend or Bank Holiday when payment is normally made on the last working day prior to the 28th.

Who processes my pay claims on eTime?

Staff processing tutor pay claims for undergraduate tutoring:

  • John Riddell
  • Claire Moggie
  • Alison Lazda

Staff processing postgraduate tutoring pay claims:

Queries and general guidance on tutor admin issues:

  • Claire Moggie

Ad hoc (non-tutor related claims) are processed by the Finance or Research office, depending on the nature of the work or claim.

If you aren’t sure who to contact for a question about non-tutoring work, ask the person requesting you to undertake the work, or email for advice.

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