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On transforming food: voices from the (battle)fields

Our pilot podcast, with episodes running in the summer of 2021, features combative voices from those working in the various parts of the food sector - mainstream, emergency and charity, and alternative.

Especially in the current conjuncture, such voices are very welcome to get us to reflect not only on food capitalism and its discontents, but also on possible fronts of actual change.

We are keen to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Do not hesitate to email us:

This pilot series has been realised with editorial assistance from Rachel Carlile.

Introducing the FRIED Podcast

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The FRIED Podcast: An Introduction

Episode 1: Food capitalism and workers inquiries, with the Angry Workers collective (May 2021)
Food capitalism and workers inquiries, with the Angry Workers collective

In this episode, Isabelle is talking with Kiran and Marco, two members of the “Angry Workers” collective, a group of people seeking to do left politics in new ways, starting from the everyday working lives of working people.

Last year, Kiran and Marco and the Angry Workers published a book, Class Power on zero hours. This book narrates their lives in the food sector, where they each chose to work for three and a half years.

Kiran worked at Bakkavor, a multinational food processing company in the ready-made, fresh sector, and Marco worked at a Tesco warehouse, a so-called ‘Customer Fulfilment Centre’. 

Through this work, as well as other local activities in that part of West London called the western corridor, they got to know many workers and developed a sense of the logic of the sector.

Drawing on this incredibly rich picture, as well as on their research and their intellectual and political formation, their book is essential for anyone seeking to understand food capitalism today.

Listen to our discussion in this first episode of the FRIED podcast!

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Episode 2: A School Food Journey - Learnings from the Covid 19 Crisis, with Jayne Jones (August 2021)
A School Food Journey - Learnings from the Covid 19 Crisis, with Jayne Jones

In this episode, Mary is talking with Jayne Jones, Commercial Manager for Argyll and Bute Council and National Chair of ASSIST FM Food and Drink Public Sector Catering. She has been the driving force behind innovations in school food quality, procurement and service delivery for Argyll and Bute. In her role as National Chair for ASSIST FM, she is the voice of Scottish Local Authorities on all matters related to public food. She has most recently been on the COVID 19 frontline leading the School Food response locally and nationally showing how public food service has really stepped forward in response to unprecedented food insecurity.

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Episode 3: Community growing, with Evie Murray (October 2021)

In this episode, Mary is talking with Evie Murray, CEO of Earth in Common (formally Leith Crops in Pots). Born and bred in Leith, Edinburgh, Evie leads a grassroots community organisation that has transformed a barren concrete yard in the heart of Leith into a thriving and vibrant community growing space known as Leith Community Croft. We hear about this journey, her experiences through the COVID 19 pandemic and their future vision for, and work to support the development of more, city based community crofts.

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Episode 4: Food Sovereignty and the Peasant Declaration in Haiti - contesting the UN Food Summit, with Origène Louis (December 2021)

This new episode of the FRIED podcast brings the question of food fights and struggles on the terrain of food sovereignty in Haiti, with an interview with Origène Louis, National executive coordinator of the Haitian Small Farmers Cooperative Association. The Haitian Small Farmers Cooperative Association seeks to address the situation of agriculture in Haiti and the peasant way of life, by increasing agroecological farming and enhancing food sovereignty. In this podcast, Marisa Wilson (FRIED) and her colleague Patricia Northover (University of the West Indies) find out about the views of the association on the UN Food System, Summit COP 26 and the fights led by peasants through such peasant organizations to claim their rights. We also hear about the October 16th, 2021 Haitian Peasant declaration that stems from the Haitian Small Farmers Cooperative Association. With thanks to Dr Marie-José Nzengou-Tayo, who acted as translator for this conversation (thanks also to the Global Partnership network for funding for the translation and to Dr Aurelien Kepler from the Karl Lévêque Cultural Institute).

Listen to episode 4 in English.

Listen to episode 4 in French Creole. 

Transcript of the episode in English.